TSO Management Company

Trade Show and Conference Management

For meetings large and small, The Sanford Organization (TSO) has the resources, connections and personnel to effectively manage any event. TSO organizes several annual meetings for numerous clients every year, with locations ranging from Chicago to Hong Kong. In addition, TSO staff has over 20+ years of experience in organizing various sized trade shows, strategic planning meetings, and international conferences.

TSO provides the following Trade Show/Conference Management services:


Budget Development and Management
TSO has ample experience in developing and monitoring client's annual conference/event budgets, and has a dedicated system in place to collect and manage all revenue produced from the event.


Contract Negotiations
The veteran TSO staff knows how to conduct contract negotiations beginning with the submitting of request for proposals to potential hotels, convention centers, and vendors, to sealing the deal with a practical result for the client.


Exhibit Management

Knowing how to effectively manage exhibits at trade shows and conferences is one of the key factors that determine the success of an event. TSO has the ability to complete the following exhibit-management duties:


Planning Committee Meeting Support
TSO works with staff and volunteers to develop and coordinate conferences/meetings/trade shows and educational programs to ensure the best event is produced.


Registration Management
For multiple clients, TSO manages the registration process from beginning to end. This includes receiving and processing registrations in-house and online, pre-show preparation (badge preparation, on-site material, etc.), providing on-site registration staff, and generating post-show meeting reports.


Site Selection
TSO participates and assists clients in locating meeting sites and is involved with the negotiation and approval of any required contracts.


Sponsor Management and Solicitation
Obtaining sponsorships for events is often a key element to the planning process. Developing and marketing sponsorship packages along with on-site implementation are tasks TSO successfully executes numerous times per year for several clients.