Preserve Assets

Accounting & Financial Services

With TSO, you can be confident knowing that the assets of the organization are protected.

TSO has in place internal controls and procedures, including a record retention policy, in order to provide the accounting and financial services that you require.

As a matter of business practice and certification, TSO submits to annual full financial audits.

TSO provides the following financial services:

  • Development and Refinement of Budgets (Annual and Project-Based)
  • Delivery of monthly financial reports accurately and on time
  • Maintenance of Financial Records and Accounts*
  • Facilitate annual reviews, audits, and tax preparation
Financial Tools
* Includes general ledger, books and records, development of accounting system and chart of accounts Oversight of Tax and Other Regulatory Filings and Annual Audit TSO provides an annual audit/review by an independent accounting firm Preparation and Dissemination of Periodic Reports includes financial statements on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis Receipt and Disbursement of Funds.