Why Choose an AMC?

Why Choose an AMC

All organizations want and need solid services that are done right and done on time. Don’t hesitate to call The Sanford Organization (TSO) for your association’s needs.

TSO offers a wide range of services to complement your current staff or volunteers. Whether you’re a professional, trade association or other not-for-profit, TSO has the right cost-effective, customized service for you.

Engaging with an AMC helps with your overhead costs. Your AMC will increase your buying power, boost staff productivity and much more. Find new ways to use your valuable staff & resources where you need them the most.

When your organization has a need for increased staff capacity, specialized expertise, or a time-critical deadline, TSO can provide the expert assistance you need. Out-sourcing a specific role, function, or project can be an excellent way to effectively extend your team, reduce costs, improve productivity, increase efficiency, meet deadlines, and so much more.

Accounting, Event Planning, Graphic Design, Interim Management, and Social Media & Digital Communications. Don’t see the service you’re looking for? Any of the services offered as part of our Full-Service Management are available individually, or let us customize a program to meet your needs.

All organizations want and need solid services that are done right and done on time.

Here’s a good snapshot of the types of clients we are able to serve:

You are a growing organization
You are an organization in a transition
You are looking for temporary support
You are a small national organization
You are looking for an improvement in services
You are looking for membership development