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Our Team

The TSO staff stays on top with industry leading knowledge. TSO can assist your organization at any level. Call us today at 847.526.2010 to see what TSO can do for you.

Executive Team

Nancy Molenda, TSO

Jeff Henderson

Executive Director / President

Joey Barranco, TSO

Casey Henderson

VP of Operations / Executive Director

Team Leaders

Nancy Molenda

VP of Communications

Lisse Jurcenko

VP of Membership Services & Business Event Strategies

Membership Services

Mila Pandzic

director of membership services

Suzanne Spohr

Director of meetings and events

Marketing Communications

Ann Johnson-Beegun

Graphic design

David Woll

Photography / video production

Chris Gadzinskas

Web developer

Nancy Klein

Director of education


Emily Bernardi

Director of Finance

Scott Schimpff